Breast Cancer Sacked

“That I may publish with the voice of thanksgiving, and tell of all thy wondrous works” –– Ps 26:7.

“PRAISE the Lord! Brethren, my name is Grace Chukwu and I worship at the Okoko Parish of the Watchman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement, Lagos. I want to testify how God healed me of breast cancer. It was a great thing the God of Watchman has done in my life. Many people in the congregation are aware of what I had passed through as a result of this sickness. I had gone from Lagos to the East and from the East back to the West, all in an attempt to get relief but all to no avail. But I must thank God who has now delivered me. In fact, I am short of words on how to thank Him.
After I delivered my little baby about eight months ago, I noticed a small lump on one of my breasts. I was frightened. Then I went to see one of our mothers in the church and after she examined it, she advised that I should see a doctor the following day. I told her that I had no money and she gave me some money to go to the Badagry General Hospital. When I got there, the doctor who examined me said that the lump was there because I was breast-feeding a baby. He calmed me down and said that it was nothing to worry about that he would give me some drugs that would cause the lump to go away. I took the drugs as prescribed but there was no noticeable improvement. The fear that there was more to it informed my decision to see the doctor on two other occasions but he kept reassuring me that it was nothing to worry about. I went there again after the drugs were exhausted and he said that I should stop worrying myself about the lump, that it was nothing.
When I narrated my experience at the hospital to the Mummy, she expressed her disappointment and asked me to go there again. Later, my little baby took ill, and I took her to the hospital. Luckily for me, I saw another doctor. Now, because of the way this other doctor talked to me about my daughter, I was moved to tell him about my problem. After listening to me, he said that because he needed to look at my folder, that I should come back the following week. I kept the appointment and when he examined me, he exclaimed and asked if any person accompanied me, and I said no, except my baby. He said that they had no facilities to treat my case and so referred me to the Ikeja General Hospital. I demanded to know what the problem was, but he said that if my husband had come with me, he would have explained the matter to him. I persuaded him to disclose whatever it was to me that I could handle it, but he said no, that I should go with the referral note to Ikeja General Hospital.
When I showed my pastor the note, he expressed shock after reading it. He, however, advised me to go to the hospital and not entertain any fear. But, when I got there, they said the same thing the first doctor had told me, that it was the effect of breast-feeding. By this time, the lump had swollen and I was having pains there. So, I was not comfortable with their declaration. In fact, it was like the devil had blindfolded them so he could terminate my life prematurely; but the God of the Watchman did not allow that. Later, they subjected me to some tests that cost more than N80,000.00. After those tests, they said it was only a lump they found and that they would carry out an operation. Meanwhile, my people were saying that I should come down to the East so that they could take care of my baby and when I told the pastor, he obliged me.
Over there in the East, I went to another hospital and presented the results of the tests that were conducted on me. After a close study of the results, the doctors decided to work with it. But after the operation, they informed me that they discovered something that surprised them; they had carried out the surgery, they said, because the results I presented were from a Federal Government hospital. They disclosed that what they discovered was cancer. I shouted and so many thoughts ran through my mind. While I was in that state of mind, my pastor called to find out how I was doing. I told him that they had said that I had cancer. But he said if it was cancer, what about it, was that enough for me to be afraid? He asked who was with me there and I told him it was my mother. He wished me well after praying for me and said after I had gained some strength I should return to Lagos.
In January 2012, I returned to Lagos and many people could not recognize me. At a point, the doctors informed my husband that they wondered if I would survive the ailment, stressing that my survival was based on probability. So my husband wasn’t happy and because of the severity of the case, it was suggested that I should go to University College Hospital (UCH), Ibadan. I came to inform my pastor that they have asked me to repeat the operation and he assured me that nothing would happen to me. He asked if I had enough money on me and when I said no, he gave me some money. He would call every now and again to ask after my welfare and to say that they were praying for me.
However, the devil occupied my mind one fateful afternoon with the thought that I would die. I was gripped with fear which moved me to call my pastor’s line but unfortunately it didn’t go through. I called another of our pastors and shared with him the thoughts going on in my mind. But he said that I should erase that from my mind that I would not die. He then handed the phone over to our pastor who said that I should not talk about death and that fear was of the devil and not of God. Since then, fear vanished from me and I began to confess positively that I would live and not die. I kept reminding God of His promises unto me and the God of heaven eventually proved Himself mighty. My mother and my sisters stayed with me for good eight months because I was virtually helpless and couldn’t even bathe myself. It was such that I couldn’t eat by myself, somebody had to feed me. God has done so much for me that I can’t really say all.
One fateful Sunday, my mother came back from church with one of our mothers in the Lord and they noticed that my hands had stiffened. They started shouting and praying and calling on our pastor to pray for me. Within a short while, I came up again, revived. Now and again I was dying. Several people that had had a similar problem died, but this God of the Watchman kept me. Looking at me now, one could hardly believe that I passed through such a traumatic experience. The thing that surprised me most was what kept happening during those periods when tests were conducted on me. They would say one thing today and another thing the next day, but every now and again, my pastor would command the sickness to get out and God has done it. Whenever I went for check up, they would conduct the test again. One of the doctors I met said that my case always surprised him; in fact, he found everything about me surprising. My brethren, join me and thank the Lord. At a point, I could perceive the odour emanating from the cancerous spot on my body which was quite embarrassing, but God took charge of everything and healed me. One of my brethren was always volunteering his vehicle to convey me to UCH, Ibadan, whenever there was need for it. May God bless him and may God’s name be glorified forever in Jesus’ Name. Praise the Lord!”