Bringing Jacob Back At Hilltop Encounters 2010

WHAT readily comes to mind about Hilltop Encounters 2010; the 11th International Conference of the Watchman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement Campus Fellowships, which held at Logos International Secondary School (LOGISS), Awo-Omamma, Imo State, from August 19-22, 2010, is the very impressive crowd that thronged the event.

The arrival of the General Superintendent of the Watchman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement, Pastor A.C. Ohanebo, whose two messages (the opening and closing messages) came out with spectacular insight and authority raised the tempo of the programme. The participants heralded his entrance with deafening appreciative cheers and clapping. “I pray that every one of you will indeed be a child of this ministry.


You are the hope of this ministry, if Christ tarries,” he told the students. Like a father to his beloved children, he urged the students to be focused, and not to be contented with merely acquiring certificates only, but to go after knowledge with determination and zeal, and ensure that they put God first in their lives, as that would guarantee their success and preservation in this world.

Pastor Ohanebo’s closing message was entitled, “He is the Rock”. In it, he urged the students to always see themselves as little rocks wherever they were. “For you to be a rock,” he said, “you must continually eat angels’ food and the word you are hearing now is angels’ food. I am the angel!” He advised them to always be conscious of who and what Christ has made them, as this awareness would help them remain steadfast and not be moved in the face of challenges.



“Jesus is the Rock and as little rocks, you will be unmoved in the face of difficulties,” he declared. “Whoever falls on the Rock,” he continued, will be broken but whoever the Rock falls on will be crushed to powder. I counsel you to fall on the Rock now by becoming broken in order to avoid being crushed in the end.”

The message was so moving that many participants surged to the altar once the invitation was given. Loud, deep prayers rang out everywhere. As the man of God later prayed for them, their response was tremendous.


Pastor Joseph Chike Also Ministered

“I want to see this number doubled next year when you come here again,” he said, before he left.

Earlier, in his welcome address, the National Coordinator of WCCRM Campus Fellowships, Pastor Edwin Onyeabor, took time to explain why the theme of the conference was: “Bring Back Jacob.”Quoting from Isaiah 49: 5-6, the scriptural text given to the man of God, the General Superintendent, in 2001 by the Spirit of God to show God’s specific mandate to the Watchman, Pastor Onyeabor explained that the “Jacob” being referred to there is every human soul that is yet to be in a saving relationship with the Lord.

“There is need to bring back Jacob at all cost,’ he informed the participants. He maintained that this task will be achieved when the people are enabled by the Spirit of God. When this happens, the Jacobswill heed when they are preached to. He hoped that this awareness will inspire greater breakthrough in soul-winning.  “After this programme, it is going to be harvest time!” he announced.       The Music Ministry Performing


On hand to deliver equally stirring messages were Pastor Joseph Chike, Diocesan Pastor of Port-Harcourt, who spoke on the theme, “Born Of God To Excel,” Pastor Bede Oguh, Director of LOGISS, whose message was entitled, “Mystery Of Iniquity Already At Work,” and Pastor Obi Kainee Madubuko, Mushin District, Lagos Diocese, who gave the Charismatic Hour message captioned, “Encountering The Mighty One Of Jacob”.  There were also sessions for seminars and drama presentation.

As would be expected, startling testimonies came out of the programme. Indeed, it was such a great time before the Lord on the Hilltop.

Pastor Edwin Onyeabor, National Campus Fellowship Coordinator