Diabetes, Tuberculosis, Other Diseases Flushed Out

“I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the Lord” — Psalm 118:17

“PRAISE the Lord! My name is Kelechi Nwanna from the Ngor-Opkala District of the Watchman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement, Owerri Diocese. In fact, this testimony is worth celebrating. I should be called ‘Miracle’ because the God of the Watchman has once again proved that He is real. I will, therefore, be a fool if I go to hell. Sometime in February 2000, I was diagnosed with diabetes. I went to a local clinic and the doctor treated me the way he did and said I was okay. Then on September 11, 2005, I woke up to pray having become a Watchman in 2001. On that day in September 2005, I recall that I couldn’t sleep, but was rolling on the bed from one end to the other. Somehow, I fell into a trance where I saw a very tall and huge personality wearing a crown on his head.
In the trance, he ordered me to stand up and I did. He told me he had come to bless me. He asked me to put my hands in my pocket and proclaimed that I had been commissioned into the army. I didn’t understand what he meant by that and he left. When I looked at the clock it was about 4.45am. The following year, I went for the Defence Academy form so I could enroll in the army. I went for the test and in the whole of Imo state, in the department I chose, I took the first position. I went to Kaduna for the interview but surprisingly, I was not short-listed. I became confused. I argued within myself and said, but God showed me that I would be an officer in the army? However, I tried to put the disappointment behind me, and consoled myself with the conclusion that, maybe, it was not yet the time.
In 2008, I went for the form again, filled and submitted it. Again, I went for the test and took first position. Some of the soldiers became familiar with me and were friendly. After the interview and other formalities, I was screened out again. Some of my soldier-friends sympathized with me, but while I was in a sorrowful mood, I heard a voice which said to me, ‘you fool, go back to Imo state; have you not understood that God was not speaking about a physical army?’ I came back after the experience and prayed about the issue. I said that I had now understood what was shown to me in the trance and that I was ready to do the work.
This decision was greeted with serious opposition from the devil. I was afflicted with what I will call an indescribable cough. As I coughed, I also vomited blood persistently. I went to the hospital and they carried out series of tests but could not discover the cause of the ailment.
It was not until September 2008 that I was diagnosed with tuberculosis. While I was battling with the treatment of TB, the problem of diabetes took a dangerous turn. My pastor took me to the hospital and when they conducted a test on me, the glucometer was not able to read the level of the sugar in my blood because it was too high. They looked at me and suggested that I should be placed on admission for proper observation. Soon, my legs got swollen like one that had been burnt by fire. Later, it bursted and after examination, it was said that I had toe ulcer which they told me would be very difficult to heal because of the diabetes. And since the sore refused to heal, the next thing that was suggested was the amputation of my leg. And while we grappled with that, I became hypertensive and my Blood Pressure was over 200. In the course of time, my health situation degenerated and I was diagnosed with kidney failure. I was then placed on dialysis. And to compound the whole thing, I became partially blind such that I would come to church but couldn’t recognize any member of the congregation. Though I pretended that all was well, the fact remained that I couldn’t recognize any of the people in the church. I was partially blind and the doctor told me not to preach for more than 45 minutes. He warned me that I risked having a stroke anytime. He said emphatically that if I ignored his advice, I would suffer stroke. Really, the doctor said the truth because whenever I was preaching, the whole auditorium would look blank in my eyes. I became terribly afraid and thought I was dying.
I thought about what the Lord had told me in the trance that I had been commissioned an officer in the army and my health condition and wondered whether what I had been told would come to pass. In fact, I became confused as I continued to think about my situation and what I had been promised in my revelation. At that time, I was always at the Federal Medical Centre (FMC), Owerri, going from one department to the other for check ups and diverse tests. The doctors had taught me how to administer insulin to myself which I did twice a day. These problems continued until we came for the Mount Horeb programme in December 2011. God had shown me that He is real and I don’t need to doubt Him. On December 27, 2011 precisely, I came here with all the drugs for the various ailments troubling my body. Anyone who saw me and the number of drugs I was taking at the same time would pity my condition. But in that December, I decided that I would no longer take any drug.
I prayed and called upon God to prove His Word. I resolved not to take any of the drugs again, saying that if I died, so be it. That day, I didn’t take any of the drugs and by the time I checked my blood sugar level the following day, it had come down to 115, and when I checked it the day after (even after eating those food items that I was not supposed to eat), it had gone further down to 105. To tell you the severity of my case at that time, I had the machine (glucometer) with which I checked my blood sugar level from time to time, but since then, all the ailments troubling me, everything about hypertension, partial blindness, toe ulcer, kidney malfunction, tuberculosis and what have you, have all gone and gone forever. Praise the Lord!”