God Ends Six Years Childlessness

“Those that be planted in the house of the Lord shall flourish in the courts of our God. They shall still bring forth fruit in old age; they shall be fat and flourishing” — Psalm 92:13-14

When Mrs. Chinyere Osakwe and her husband got married, the next thing on her mind was to carry her own baby. But as the years came and passed and no cry of a baby was heard in her home, she became worried, and began to visit a number of places in search of solution. But to the glory of God, somebody invited her to the Watchman Fellowship Centre, Mushin, Lagos, where she began to attend the weekly meetings. Despite attempts by some people to discourage her, she stayed put listening to the Word of God. And soon, God visited her. Today, she is a happy and fulfilled mother, as she testified recently before the Watchmen in Mushin:

“I AM happy to share this testimony to the glory of God. Our God has broken the yoke of six years fruitlessness in my marriage. And my husband and I are happy. I joined this Church about two years ago with this burden of childlessness heavy on my heart. Before I joined the Watchman, people had counselled me to visit some places, but nothing came out of those places. Most of the time, my mind was preoccupied with the question of when I would carry my own child. People said so many things against me and gave me all sorts of names, but God soon took interest in my case and caused me to run into one of the sisters here who introduced me to this Church.
When I began to attend fellowship here, some people made mockery of me and told me that no solution would come from where I was going to, but I refused to listen to them. Before then, I used to cry most of the time. I would lament my condition and ask God why my case was like that. I visited many hospitals but none could solve my problem. One of the doctors, after examining me, had to ask what my problem was, and I told him that I didn’t know. He then told me that my husband and I were both okay. He advised me to pray so that God would help me, assuring me that there was nothing wrong with me. Eventually when I joined the Watchman, all the pastors were concerned about me and supported me with prayers. Some brethren also took it upon themselves to pray on my behalf and last year, God turned my sorrow into joy! I am very happy. My joy is that many of you here and some others were witnesses, and saw me when I was carrying the pregnancy till I put to bed. I was bouncing all the time, going to market and returning, because I knew that it was God that gave me the baby and that the baby would remain. I was not confined to the house as I went to many places and people saw me with a protruding tummy. So, those who doubted that God has given me a baby, there is nothing else I can say to them. At a time, some came and advised me to visit some native doctors, but I told them clearly that I would not go to such places because I had heard some people testify about the miracles God was doing in the Watchman. I told them that God who did it for those people would surely visit me also. They reminded me of the number of years I had waited and hoped, as they tried to persuade me to take a wrong step to help myself, but I told them that I would never go to such places. My brethren, God has visited me and I am rejoicing; God has remembered me and I am happy! God has done it for me. I want to advise my fellow sisters who are looking for the fruit of the womb not to worry; God who has remembered me will surely visit you also in Jesus’ name. Praise the Lord!”