Miraculous Escape From Rapist

“The angel of the Lord encampeth round about them that fear him, and delivereth them” Psalm 34:7.

“BRETHREN praise the Lord! My name is Akamere Glory from the Agric Parish of the Watchman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement, Lagos. I want to thank God for delivering me. I also want to appreciate Him for the journey mercies He granted me as I travelled from the East back to Lagos.
It happened that in the course of the Charismatic Hour Fellowship of Tuesday, July 17, 2012, and by the word of knowledge, our pastor declared: ‘There is a girl who wants to travel, she should be careful about rape’. Two days after that proclamation, I travelled and had what the pastor had said at the back of my mind. However, the reality of that information stared me in the face on Friday, September 21, 2012. As I was going to the market to pick up my younger brother and also to repair my phone, I noticed a certain young man, in his late twenties, sitting on a motorbike, while I was still afar off. When I got closer to him, he called on me to come so he could drop me off. I kept quiet and went past him but he persisted that I should come. I declined his offer but immediately I opened my mouth and said no, that was all I could remember again.
Where I found myself later was in another community, in a big mansion, with a high fence around it, having a large gate. When we entered, I saw an old man and greeted him. I noticed that I couldn’t say no to my captor when he requested that we should go upstairs. There, I saw two other young men and he took me to a room where there were two beds. The person that brought me with his motorbike sat by me on the left while the other two sat at our right. Before then he had mentioned the names of my grandfather, my father, my uncle and where I lived. I was shocked and asked him how he knew all that. He replied that I shouldn’t worry, so I kept quiet. Meanwhile, as I sat on the bed, I began to gradually regain my senses. And so, I asked him why he brought me there. When he noticed that I was regaining my senses, he asked me which church I attend and I told him that I am a Watchman and he mentioned the name of my pastor in the village. Again, I asked him how he knew his name and he said there was none of the pastors that he did not know.
At that point, I requested that he should release me, that I wanted to go home. He gave the two other men a sign, indicating that they should go out and no sooner had they left than he locked the door. He came back to me and I asked him what he wanted from me. He said he wanted to have me. I looked up and down and didn’t know what to do. I said for what, and he said he had already told me what he wanted. I told him clearly that that would not be possible. We started arguing and he said I should keep quiet or else he would do something that I would regret for the rest of my life. When I began to move from one corner to the other, he would go after me to block me. I then persuaded him to allow me to view the environment from the balcony and, surprisingly, he obliged me. I noticed that it would be a risky adventure if one should jump from the top floor to the ground because of the height. As I came back to the room, he ordered me to go and lie on the bed and do what he asked me to do.
But I remained where I was and kept quiet. I noticed that he was running out of patience and wanted to push me to the bed. Then I ran out from the room to the balcony and climbed the railings. Then I closed my eyes and told God that if this was the way I would end my life, so let it be. It was better that way than to allow this man to defile me. I closed my eyes and jumped down. And to the glory of God, I landed on my feet and stood there for a while like somebody that had fainted and lost consciousness. But immediately, I was moved by a ministration to start running before he came down to catch me again. I gathered myself together and ran. When I got to where the old man I had greeted earlier was, I didn’t see him again. I began to almost stagger out of the compound. As God would have it, the big gate was not locked. I sensed that what delayed the man upstairs from coming after me immediately was that the doors were locked and before he could unlock them and come down, I would have made good my escape. So I started running; there was no help anywhere and everywhere was bushy. When I looked back I saw him on his bike coming after me. I increased my speed. Suddenly I saw somebody on a motorbike who asked me where I was going. I didn’t know that I was even in another community.
And so, I mentioned the name of our community market as the place I was going to, but he said he was not going in that direction. Nevertheless, he asked me to climb on the bike for him to drop me off. No sooner had I climbed the bike than my pursuer came closer and I told the man carrying me to see the person that was pursuing me. When he noticed that I pointed at him, he zoomed away with great speed. But strangely, immediately he sped away, the man carrying me asked me to go down, just about three minutes into our journey. I was confused because I didn’t know why he suddenly asked me to disembark so soon after the man had zoomed past us. However, if he had not given me that ride, the man would have caught up with me. He advised me not to go to the left and I started running again. I saw two boys hunting and I asked them where I was. I told them where I was going and they said it was far from where I was. They told me to keep going that I might be lucky to get a bike. Meanwhile, I had no money on me but I thank God that as I was running and falling down with my dress soaked with blood from the wounds I had sustained in the process, I saw another man on a bike. I stopped him and told him where I was going. He said he was going towards my direction. And so, he carried me to a place from where I found my way home.
I want to thank God who protected and delivered me from that evil person and did not allow anything to happen to me. May His name be highly exalted in Jesus’ name. Praise the Lord!”
*Editor’s Note: It should be obvious from sister Glory’s testimony that this is not just a case of rapists wishing to defile a young woman. There are several pointers indicating that she would probably have been a victim of some ritual purposes, but for the timely intervention of our God. All glory to His Name!