Ten Years Barrenness Ends With Twins

“Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.” Mark 9:23

For Mrs. Euphemia Nnamdi of the Watchman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement, Ngor Okpala in Owerri Diocese, it was a pleasant case of moving from multiple fibroid to multiple pregnancy. For ten solid years, several factors had stood between her and conception. Doctors had ruled out the possibility of her ever getting pregnant. But when the almighty God intervened recently, all those obstacles gave way and she took in to the amazement of doctors and sundry observers. Today, she is a happy mother of twins – a boy and a girl. And so, recently (March 2013) during a conference of Watchman leaders and ministers at the Rock Chapel, LOGISS, Awo Omamma, she shared her stirring testimony which drew ovations and loud praises to God from the audience:

“I HAVE come out here today to thank God because of the great things He has done for me. God delivered me from ten years barrenness and made me a mother of two.
We got married in 2000 and for several years, we waited for babies that did not come. Doctors attributed the cause to a lot of things. But, God is God! We believed that He could do all things. Yes, there is nothing that He cannot do. As we began to visit hospitals, doctors first told us the problem was low count. Then, after about seven years, they said to me: Madam, you have a newly developed fibroid! This was a very discouraging news, but we continued to pray unto God. Later, the doctor asked me to undertake a womb x-ray, which I did. When the result came out, he said that every woman should have two fallopian tubes in her body but that he could only see less than half in my own body which makes it practically impossible for me to conceive. Despite this development, we continued to pray. I knew the God I was serving, and so we remained hopeful. I had maintained a relationship with this God since my youth, so I knew what He could do. So, we continued to believe Him.
Later on, when I met the doctor again he asked me to do another scan to determine whether the fibroid was inside the womb or outside. So, I went, and after it, they told me that the fibroid was not only right inside the womb, but it had become multiple! As a human being, this information made me afraid but when I looked up, I knew that my God was able to intervene in any situation no matter how complicated. And so, I talked to God. I told Him that I must not go childless. I continued to believe Him. And my pastors were equally praying for me. One day, I called for prayers in my home and God said to me: Now you have arrived; very soon, if you did not conceive, know that I am not God! By this time, if you touched my stomach, it was as hard as the ground. There was nothing to show that what I had just been told could happen but I kept on believing the Lord.
Later that year, I started having some problems and the doctor said that I should come for an operation, that that was the solution to my problem. I said that I would not go for any fibroid operation. Besides, they said it was inside the womb. What if I go for an operation, what would happen? I resolved not to go. I preferred waiting for my God.
About this time, too, I went to the hospital, and the doctor said that patent fallopian tubes could not be seen. He advised me to go and return after two weeks, by then he would have decided what to do about my case. But before the end of the two weeks, I noticed that I had missed my period. I also had very high fever. When I went to see the doctor, I couldn’t find him. I went to the second doctor and he said I should come for admission that the other doctor had gone on a sick leave. Then after staying in the hospital for 4-5 days, I lost the pregnancy. So when the doctor came back from his sick leave, I went to him and he asked me: Do you really mean that you missed your period that is, that you were pregnant?
He said it was medically impossible for me to take in. According to him, based on what all the medical examinations I had undergone had revealed, it just could not happen. But God is greater than every situation. The doctor, however, said that if what I said actually happened, that is, if indeed I took in, then it must have been by God’s intervention. He then said that he has resolved not to carry out any flushing, or give me any treatment, but that I should go back and tell that same God who did the first one to do it again. So, I went back and prayed to God. I said: God, you know that this doctor doesn’t know you but he knows what you can do. As long as you are with me, I am not moved. You have done a miracle in my life. Do another one. I am not going to do that operation, I am not going to that hospital again until you visit me because the doctor had said I should go and wait for God for 3 months, and if something doesn’t happen, then I should come for the operation.
Then I went on to say that as long as the doctor has recognized that God has visited me, I am going to wait for God no matter the number of years. I was sure that on that day, May 22, God gave me a solid promise. In October, I became sick, and the thing was disturbing me so much. When it persisted, I forgot what God told me, and began to look at the fibroid. I told myself that I would now go for the operation instead of dying. So, I decided to go. I asked my senior brother, and he said that I should go, that he would give me money. But, the Spirit of God ministered to me to go and visit one midwife in our area before going to the Holy Rosary Hospital (Emekuku) for the operation. When I went to the woman and she asked what was happening to me, I told her that I did not know. I told her that the fibroid was disturbing me too much. But, she looked at me and wondered why there was some movement on my stomach, and advised me to go for a pregnancy test. But I told her that I was not pregnant. But she insisted that something must be behind the movement she was noticing. After refusing initially, I later agreed to go for the test. I said I would go for it the next day while going to the hospital. And so, the next morning, I went for the test and when the result came out it was Positive! It was like a dream. I decided not to go to the hospital until after one month.
After one month, I returned to the hospital, and when the doctor saw me, he asked me what the problem was, and I told him that I was sick and went for pregnancy test, and that they said the result was Positive. The doctor asked me to come so he could examine me. After touching my stomach, he asked: who told you that you are pregnant with this weight of fibroid? Often, many of you women would want to spend your husbands’ money for nothing. Look at the weight of fibroid you have. And somebody told you that you are pregnant and you agreed? Why are you so foolish?
My answer to him was that I did not know anything, that he should, please, conduct his own test. He said okay and sent me for a test. When the result came out, he said to me: Madam, I am sorry, you are pregnant, I didn’t know! Later, I went to three other hospitals, and the result was still the same, that I was pregnant. It was clear that the hand of the Lord was there. And He continued to help me. When the pregnancy reached five months, it began to disturb me so much. The doctor said I should come for a scan and I went. When they finished, they were all looking at me. Then the other doctor said: Look, it is a multiple pregnancy. But the other one said: look at the weight of fibroid.
And the other one ran out and called other doctors and told them to come and see how God has proved that He is beyond doctors, and beyond science. He had defied fibroid to plant two children in the womb. Then he asked me: Woman, who are you? And I replied: I am a Watchman! Then he exclaimed: Watchman again in this hospital! He said that Watchmen are always coming to the hospital with peculiar cases. And he added: This your God is too much! For about an hour, the doctors were examining me and using my case for special study. They were looking at the weight of fibroid, and equally looking at the two children in the womb. It was like a dream. And so, it was that on the 6th day of June, by 10’oclock, and despite multiple fibroid, blocked fallopian tubes, low count and an infection, God gave me a baby boy and a baby girl. That was how God wiped away 10 years barrenness, made me a fruitful mother of two and gave me a name among women. When I go out now, people will call me Mama Ejima (mother of twins). I bless the name of the Lord.”