Twenty Three Years Affliction Gone

“And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be delivered: for in mount Zion and in Jerusalem shall be deliverance, as the Lord hath said, and in the remnant whom the Lord shall call” — Joel 2:32

Mrs. Okeke Evelyn from the Watchman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement, Onitsha Diocese, has every reason to rejoice and praise God. For twenty-three years, the devil fought her with diverse health challenges which took her to several places in search of solution. But at the end of the day, God came in with His mighty power and knocked out the sickness that had defied the diverse efforts of many doctors both within and outside the country. Her husband was so excited by what God had done he decided to join her to fellowship, and today, he is a happy worker in the church of God. Mrs. Okeke’s testimony serves to reassure all who trust in the Lord, that no matter how long an affliction had lingered, God will sack it and give victory to His people, to the glory of His holy name. Now, she testifies:

“I AM sharing this testimony to praise and glorify the name of the Lord for His goodness towards me. The Lord has delivered and healed me of an affliction that lasted for twenty three years.
Sometime in 1988, just about two weeks after I delivered a baby, I noticed that my body system had changed as I began to experience tiredness and dizziness. I went to different hospitals for tests and even visited a native doctor at that time but all to no avail. At a certain period, I fainted and was placed on oxygen. To move around was difficult and I could hardly sleep. My family members were stretched to their limits as they made concerted efforts to see that the situation was brought under control.
In April 2007, I joined the Watchman and the prayers and counselling of the brethren helped me a lot. That same year, I was at the International Gospel Ministers’ Conference of the Hour (IGMC) held in Awka. Our General Superintendent, Pastor A. C. Ohanebo, had come, and in the course of his ministrations, he pronounced that any problem or sickness, no matter how long it had lasted would be dealt with by the power of God.
A week after the programme, I traveled to India for medical treatment which lasted for over two weeks but returned home, not fully recovered. I was diagnosed as having large sliding hiatus hernia, adenomyosis with fibroid uterus, systemic hypertension and obesity. My health deteriorated and there were plans to take me back to India but after some considerations, it was decided that I should go to the teaching hospital in Nnewi, where I attended periodic check-ups and treatment. I thank God for my husband who did not abandon me for any moment. He stood by me and shared in my grief and pain.
I participated in Mount Horeb 2009, captioned: ‘The Enemy Shall Proceed No Further’. I listened to the messages with rapt attention and it brought about a remarkable change in me which was miraculous. All these while that I was sick, I was always driven to the fellowship centre on fellowship days though it is very close to my house. I prayed and told God that I would want to walk to the church by myself and He answered my prayer. I was able to walk with ease and that was the beginning of my miracle.
In May, 2010, as all efforts to find a solution to the problem failed, the Lord in His infinite mercy, intervened and healed me. This surprised my husband and there and then he decided to give his life to Christ by coming to church with me. He is now one of us in the Watchman and to prove his seriousness, he has dropped all the traditional titles that were conferred on him. The only one he proudly flaunts now is: ‘Worker in the Vineyard of the Lord’. Brethren, I am happy that the Lord has visited me and today, I am hale and hearty. Praise the Lord!”