Echoes From Ghana

PASTOR Boniface Obi, the national pastor of the Watchman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement, Ghana, goes about these days with extraordinary joy and full of gratitude to God for what He is doing among the Watchmen in Ghana. This same overflowing joy was with him when he visited Charismatic Signs recently.

With startling testimonies of salvation, deliverance and sundry interventions in people’s lives, God is giving a foretaste of what He intends to do with the Watchmen in Ghana. A recent outreach in Accra, the Ghanaian capital, by the members of the Lagos Diocesan Mobile Evangelical Group (MEG) yielded very heartwarming reports.

At the Liberian Camp, a large community created by the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, where the MEG brethren invaded with the gospel of Jesus Christ, several people gave their lives to Christ and followed them to Church the very next day of meeting.

And some of them with matters in their lives and circumstances were invited to the Watchman Mission House and prayed for, and today, they are rejoicing because they are free.

There was the case of Alfred and his friend Nelson, both Liberians, who were prayed for and led to Christ. As Pastor Obi prayed for Alfred, he fell on the ground, and saw a strange object leave his body.

And the grave matter that had troubled his life and taken him to several places to search of solution was knocked out that same minute. He could not contain his joy and gratitude to God, and so the very next Sunday, he was in Church to give his testimony.

Forty-five year-old Liberian lady, Evelyn, was also delivered from a complicated spiritual condition she got into many years ago after visiting a river in her grandmother’s village, which had even slightly affected her sight. In the course of the prayers she began to shout, ‘I can see! I can see!!

According to her, while at the river on that day, she had seen a python enter her, leading to years of problems and complications in her life.

But after the prayers, all the demons that had tormented her, including a spirit-husband, were expelled, and she became okay. She was in Church the very next Sunday, happy and refreshed, to share the testimony of the great deliverance of God she had experienced.

There are several testimonies from Ghana, some from the MEG Outreach and several more emerging in the course of weekly meetings, counseling sessions, visitations and evangelistic outreaches Pastor Obi is organizing to firmly establish the Church in Ghana.

In the next edition of Charismatic Signs, ample space will be devoted to publish theGhana testimonies. It is a promise.